Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I have great people in my life

Today was a bittersweet day.  My boss made the announcement to my team that I was leaving to seek other opportunities and while I'm so excited about this change that is so needed and is something that God has given me, it's also a sad time to say good bye to my team and the people that I have had the opportunity to work with for the last three years.  It wasn't the stress free day that I would have liked to have had, and I have to say I was pretty surprised at how emotional I became today, but all in all I'm happy that the news is finally able to be out there and finally I'm able to start looking toward my new future and all the doors that I'm going to be able to walk through on this new journey.  I think it was a chance to give me the opportunity to reflect on all that I've accomplished over the last three years, the people who have made an imprint on my life (and who I hope I have made an imprint on theirs) and the changes that I have made as a person that has helped me to grow, and develop.  I'm a better person for meeting the people that I've worked with over the last three years. I'm honored to work with them and honored to be their manager.  I wish them only the best for their future!  I know they will have their challenges and as much as I would like to shield them from the struggles, I can only hope that they will be able to rise above and continue succeeding like they have for the last few years.

Smile:  What have I smiled about lately?
I smile (through some tears) that I have an opportunity to do something different with my life and am so excited about what the next chapter will bring.  While one is closing...another adventure awaits and I'm very thrilled as to what that is going to bring me!

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate?
I celebrate the fact that I've gotten through a very stressful year.  Only 25 more days to end this year and I can't say that I'm sad to see it go.  While it's been a good year in many ways and as I look back over this blog, I can see all the things that I've smiled, celebrated and loved (big and small), I'm happy to see the stress go away.  I think my heart and muscles will be happy to see it go too so I can get a little healthier again!

Love:  What do I love?
I love Christmas lights on my street.  I love coming home to a street all lit up with all sorts of colors.  Makes all the cares go away just pulling onto my street!

Thought for the day:

Very True!  Simple message:  Be Kind.

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