Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I've always had the power

I've had the opportunity over the last six months to work with an amazing woman who has helped me find my smile, relearn how to celebrate life again, and figure out what my passion/love is!  I completed my last session with her yesterday and when I look back over the journey, I have taken I'm amazed at all that I accomplished during this short time.  I have figured out my purpose in life, determined what I want to be when I grow up, and removed the limiting beliefs that repeatedly would tell myself.  I am so excited about the direction I am now taking and the focus that I have on my future. I now know what I need to do to make my dreams come true! I have been in a calm, peaceful state and am full of joy at all that life holds for me going forward.  Life is great and I'm so excited to be living it again!

Katherine, I can't thank you enough for helping me to find my power again!  I appreciate you more than you with know!  Thank you for being my coach and for becoming my friend! I'm so excited to share all the bountiful blessings that I  abundantly come into my life now and in the future! 

Katherine Bock Career Coaching

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Goin' places? Yes, just not today...

This week I was given an opportunity to test out the possibility of trying something new.  I don't think it's going to work out, but certainly am not giving up hope.  I KNOW that I'm going places, I just don't know where or when quite yet, but I trust that God is in control and He will provide the way, when the time and place are right.  In the meantime, I can finally say that I'm present in each moment and happy and grateful for all that I am and all I have!

Smile: What have I smiled about lately?
I had dinner with someone I worked with over 10 years ago in Austin.  We've recently reconnected in a very strange way--at our hairdresser's salon!  I was getting my hair done and my hairdresser introduced us and she asked if I had lived in Austin then told me her maiden name.  We chatted for a while then exchanged information and finally got together this week for dinner!  Was great catching up and was also great putting some connections to some things that had happened while I was there but didn't know the whole story.  I look back on that time in my life with very fond memories and really loved that job and company.  Was great to think about it again and reconnect with someone that was part of it all.  I'm not sure why our paths have crossed again, but am happy they did!  

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate?
I've been very good on my diet lately!  Have tracked regularly, even when I cheated, and worked out more the last week and a half than I have in a long time.  I have lost 3 pounds so far and am feeling really good! This Weight Watchers program has been really good and easy to follow.  I'm finally in the right mindset for dieting and am hopeful that this will be the ticket to help me get back into all the pants that I have in my closet so I don't have to keep wearing the same 6 pairs of pants that fit me now.

Love: What do I love?
Well, it was Valentine's Day this last week, or as I typically have referred to it, Single Awareness Day.  I have to say that in spite of the day, it wasn't as "in your face" as it has been in the past, so instead of dwelling on what I don't have, I came home, worked out, fixed a healthy dinner and got a good night's sleep.  So, I love that I can regard the most well known day for Love as "just another day" and not really think twice about it. 

Thought for the day:

Bring hope to the hopeless. Deliver spirit to the spiritless. And leave courage with the discouraged. Please. --Robin Sharma


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Choose Happiness

Life is so much better when you choose to be happy.  I'm making a much more conscious effort to think positive thoughts, wish for positive things and just see the world from a much more half full approach.  So far, it's working.  I've been happier than I've been in a long time and am very grateful for all that is around me and all that I have.  It's pretty amazing what changing your thoughts can do for you!  If you haven't tried it yet, try it.  See the positive in a situation and I promise you, you'll have a different perspective.  Dr. Wayne Dyer says "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change."  It's a powerful statement with huge impact on you life.  So...choose happiness!  It really is the only way to get through this crazy world we all live in!

Smile:  What have I smiled about lately?
I signed up for Weight Watchers online and have to smile about the fact that I've been following the program and have been working out much more than I had been.  So far, so good.  Haven't weighed myself lately, but am hoping to smile when I see the number tomorrow morning!  It's certainly a journey!  I haven't put these 15 pounds on over night, so it's not going to be coming off over night.  I'm just trying to record what I eat, make better choices and move a little more than I had been and I'm hoping that combination will eventually trigger this weight to come off!  I'm hoping this new found positive outlook will also help!  

Celebrate:  What have I celebrated lately?
I received some very good feedback from our HR person the other day.  It made me very happy to hear that my brand has been positive and that I'm seen to have value at work.  I wasn't sure what would be said when I had my meeting with her, but very happy that it was positive!  
I also celebrate a big event happening soon...more to come on that, but am excited about something new coming into my life (hopefully!)

Love:  What do I love?
I love that we got some rain last night and that the weather behaved itself and didn't stir up some really bad thunderstorms.  It's getting that time of year when we get heavy rain, high winds and threats of tornadoes.  I'm not a big fan of that time of year, so was very happy that we got a little rain last night and it went away by morning so we could enjoy a super lovely sunny, Sunday!  Was a great day, to top off a great weekend!  Life is great!

For those that are interested, my boys' new album "What about now"  will be available for pre-order on February 12 and will be released on March 8 (Mom's birthday!).  You can order via itunes.  They were supposed to open their first concert last night in Connecticut but due to "Nemo" the Snowstorm that dumped 40 inches of snow, they cancelled, but still played for about 2000 people.  Tonight was the first time to a sold out crowd in DC...sure wish I had a reason to have been in the DC area this weekend so I could have gone! I have to wait until March 16, when Bonnie and I hit the road for one of our many adventures and see them in Oklahoma City! Should be quite fun!  

Thought for the day:
You were born to be awesome, please don't die average- Robin Sharma

Cheers!  Have a great week!  I am going to!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hi ho...hi ho..it's back to school I go!

I got the official word today...I've been accepted into the University of Texas at Dallas Masters Program for Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching!  I start on March 4 and while I'm not really sure what I'm getting myself into, I'm very excited at the new chapter this program will bring to my life.  I know that new doors will open as a result of getting more skills and knowledge in this area and am very excited that it's one step closer toward me achieving the life I've imagined!  

Smile:  What have I smiled about lately?
I was given some feedback recently, that when I'm thinking or talking about something that is negative that the sides of my mouth turn down a little.  I think it's from gravity doing bad things to my face, but at any rate, I'll accept the feedback and be more focused on appearing more positive.  As a result, it's caused me to be more conscious of trying to curve up my mouth a little more while I'm listening/thinking.  I have a mirror near my phone and have been practicing my looks in it while on conference calls. I'm glad I have a door to close so no one can see me looking at myself!  I have to say that it's been a little challenging to do and I've noticed that when I practice doing it, it completely lightens my mood!  Just shows me how much I've been in a negative space and I realize what that's done to my entire physical being!  Smile People...for your health, for your sanity, for your wallet (so you don't need plastic surgery!!!)

Celebrate:  What I have celebrated?

There are two sweet little girls in my life that have recently had birthdays.  My sweet niece Meredith and Goddaughter Chloe!  On Saturday, I took Meredith and got her a couple of new outfits at Justice and took her out to dinner.  She came over to my house and spent the night afterwards.  It was such a lovely evening and I just love that sweet little girl so much!  Chloe just turned one and while I wasn't among the 50 people celebrating her special day in San Antonio, I was wishing that I was there to give her a little kiss and see her sweet smile!  My prayer for both of these sweet girls are that they grow up to be strong, confident young women that are secure in themselves and make the right decisions!  

Love: What do I love?
I love the changes that are happening in my life!  Lots of irons in the fire-a-brewing now and I'm so happy to see the vision for my life coming about.  It's been pretty amazing that just by changing my thoughts and having a focus how much my life has taken a different turn--for the better!  I'm very happy and very excited about my future--but living in the present moment and being very happy and grateful for all I am and all I have!  Below is my vision board for all the things I'm inviting into my life.  I couldn't put everything I'm envisioning for my life, but I think I've covered most of the major things..may have a few more things to add, but feel like I've got 90% on here!  

And because it's so appropriate for this post...a little message from my favorite boys...cause IT'S MY LIFE!  (P.S Jon looks quite yummy in this video!)

Thought for the day:
No one is in charge of your happiness except you!