Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm back from my trip to Funky Town...

Feeling much better after being taken to Funky Town for the past two weeks.  I think working out, getting some new clothes and spending time with some good friends have helped quite a bit.  In all actuality, I think turning it over to God really was the main factor to feeling better!

Smile:  What have I smiled about lately?

  • Getting a nice email from someone in our office saying that she's heard about me from others and that I have a great reputation within our organization
  • Helping someone else smile when feeling down
  • Laughing at my new found love of late night TV--Jimmy Fallon.  He's hilarious and really makes me laugh out much so, I don't think that I fell asleep before midnight any time this week!  YIKES!

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate?
At Bon Jovi Concert Oct 2010
(We need a new pic)

I celebrate the birth of my dear BFF! Happy Birthday to you! I am so blessed to have her in my life.  God really did right when he brought her into this world and ever since we became friends almost five years ago, my life has been filled with joy and happiness!  I hope that she celebrates how wonderful she really is and how special she is to so many people!  Love you sweet Bonnie!  And...the thought for you're not old, just older--as Jon says:

Love:  What do I love?

As I said in previous blog post, I'm supposed to meet up with Bryan sometime next week.  More on that.  Haven't had much time this week to go to E-harmony much, so I'll see tonight if there are anymore selections out there since I last logged into it.
I love my new haircut that I got today, although I was trying to grow my hair out, I think the good ol' Bob is the best.  I think I look younger with it and feel much better--certainly not stretching me (my word of the year) to try something new, but if I can appear younger, then I can let go of stretching in that area.
I love being confident enough in myself to share my life with other people.  Didn't reveal anything too crazy, but fun sharing a little more of who I am with others and not caring what they think about me!
I love that tomorrow, I'm heading to Maryland so I can work and more importantly, see Bon Jovi in concert.  You know that posts next week will be fabulous!  What fun!

Thought for the day:  when you send out love, joy will come back to you!  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Breathe...

I think eating better, getting some much needed sleep, saying some good prayers and working out has helped my funkiness...although still have to say that I'm not 100% better.  I'm giving myself one more day and then that's it...move on...Oh--and don't forget to breathe--deep cleansing breaths like in yoga REALLY help!  Try it..Inhale--fill your lungs completely then exhale completely.  Do this 10 times and I promise, you'll feel better!  Just Breathe~

Smile:  What did I smile about today?
I helped a co-worker with some challenges he was having and made me realize just how much I have to offer.  I'm good at my job and appreciate others reaching out to me for help!  I'm proud of what I've accomplished and being asked my opinion and assistance really is nice to know that others see that too.

Celebrate:  What did I celebrate?
I celebrate that in spite of wanting to go out to dinner, I instead went to the gym for night two of workout.  I ran/walked another 4 miles in an hour and came home to a reasonable dinner.  I'm hoping that this will help get me on track again..I really need it!

Love:  What do I love?
I love Jazz Apples!  I tried them for the first time while at an expo for the Princess 5K I did last year!  They have now become my favorite apple because they are sweet and crunchy!  So tasty!  I realized today that I've gotten out of my routine of my apple-a-day and I guess that's why I haven't kept the doctor away!

As far as the online dating thing...well, I'm at the point of conversing with Bryan.  Doesn't look like our schedules are going to work to meet this week, so will have to get together sometime next week.  We'll see how it goes....still throwing that net out there and trying to fish out something...very slow, frustrating, humbling, aggravating process!

Thought for the day:  Great Mother Teresa quote: "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier."  

I REALLY needed to read this quote today...stop complaining and start rejoicing in what you have!  So needed to read this...and Sorry Bon...thanks for living by this quote today...sorry I didn't do the same for you! Heart you lots!  Thanks for being there! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to wherever you are

I'm in a funk...have been for a few days now and was attributing it to not feeling well, but I think I'm officially saying I'm in a funk.  Had to listen to the song above several times today to help me to remain focused on the here and now and not where I wish life had been or could be. I'm having a hard time not asking "Why God...why can't I have the life I imagine?"   I know I'm blessed.  I have my health, have a good job, have wonderful friends and a great family.  I have more than so many people and I  know there is a"welcome to wherever you are", Tara ...and as Jon says..."remember that you're perfect, God makes no mistakes..."

The main purpose for this blog was for me to focus on those small things in my life that I can smile, celebrate and love and I have to say that is not easy for me to do today.  I seem to be surrounded by people going through major pain and hurt.  Lots of illness, death, relationships in ruin, people not sure of how their family is in the middle east, earthquakes...just lots of hurt.'s my attempt at looking at the bright side and it seems quite trivial when so many around me are hurting, but I think in moments like these, sometimes the simple things are all you can hold on to.

Smile:  What did I smile about today?
I was treated so nicely when at a store at the outlet mall.  It was quite refreshing to be called by name, and waited on hand and foot. Was a bright spot in this not so bright day! She made me smile by how nice she was and I have to say how much I appreciate it!  It made me want to buy something in that store (CABI, by the way) and I will go back.  The clothes fit great!

I also had to smile at the fact that recently I bought an old version of the Jane Fonda Workout that I loved doing...umm...25 years ago(??).  So tonight, after spending an hour at the gym, I thought I'd do the stress workout, which contained some light aerobics, stretching and breathing exercises.  I had to laugh out loud...literally the clothes, hairstyles and at MY inability to have any rhythm in doing aerobics.  It was quite funny...glad no one was watching! Good workout, and have to say, I feel much better stress-wise after it!

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate?
I celebrate that it was President's day and although I had to work 1/2 day, I was able to leave at 1pm and headed to the outlet mall for some much needed retail therapy.  I got several things and enjoyed the crisp sunny day!  So, thank you Mr. Presidents.  I honor you and what you did for our country and happy that I get a day off as a result of your hard work!

Love:  What do I love? that's a difficult one today.  I love that I went to the gym today and worked out for an hour, ran/walked 4 miles and got some stress out.  I needed head needed it, and more importantly, my heart needed it.

Thought for the day:  God does not give us a map, but a compass..A map will tell you where God has been and what He has done, but a compass will tell us where God IS and where He is going. The compass only gives you a sense of direction and points to the path you should go. There may be uncertainity, but there's a sense of direction.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams....LIVE THE LIFE YOU IMAGINED!  

Here's to a better tomorrow...


Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm in need of some chicken soup

Yes, it's good for the soul, but it also will hopefully fend off some bug that I think I've caught and have been trying to tell myself that I don't have.  First realized the other morning, while trying to sing along to some Bon Jovi videos from a recent concert, that my voice was not quite cooperating. If I was putting on a concert, I'd have to cancel due to not being able to hit the high notes!  Luckily, I don't have any concerts this week!  As this week has progressed, I've felt worse, with today making me go make an appointment at our work clinic to see what is the deal. I couldn't get in to the doctor today, so won't know what's going on until tomorrow.  When speaking with the nurse, she thought I could have strep...I'm hoping that's not it!  Several people in my office have the flu and I'm really hoping that it's not that!   I can't be out of the office any more!  I guess I'll find out tomorrow what's going on.  I sound like a frog, so have to say, as a result, I've been a little quieter today than most days!  I'm sure my co-workers don't mind that!

Smile:  What makes me smile?
In one month, my mom, sister and I will be in New York City...the Big Apple...the city so nice they named it twice...the city where if i can make it there I can make it get the picture. I have wanted to take this trip with my family for so long and after flying many miles to rack up enough to treat everyone, we are going.  My sister needs a much needed vacation and my mom needs to spend time with her girls, so it's going to be a great time!  We are hoping to get some tickets to see the taping of some shows (Jimmy Fallon or David Letterman) and hope to see some Broadway shows too.  I hope the weather is nice so we can enjoy all that the city has to offer (i.e. Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Statue of Liberty).  I can't wait to go!  It's going to be a blast!  I'm so fortunate that I have the means to treat them to the airfare and that we can take off and enjoy this adventure!  Should be quite fun!

Celebrate:  What have I celebrated lately?
After working very hard last year, I got the rating that I was hoping for!  A "Very Strong" in my world is like the highest rating in most companies.  For me to get higher, I'd have to either walk on water more than one time and be observed by a large population of executives or be up for promotion.  While I think I walked on water one time, it wasn't observed by too many people and I'm not up for promotion, so my rating was in line with what my expectations were. Along with the very kind words my manager gave me about my performance, I also received a nice bonus.  So, I celebrate working really hard and getting the results that were so well deserved.  I'm not one to typically brag, but last year was a tough, good year and I felt like I deserved the performance rating I received.  Glad others thought so too!

Love:  what do I love?
I haven't given an update on the online dating lately....I'm in discussion with one gentleman.  He seems pretty funny and smitten with me.  Hopefully we'll take the plunge to meet face to face some time.  It's still an interesting process.  I'm convinced that some of my communications that I've sent have gotten lost.  I don't know for sure, but sure seems like I've sent more out than is showing.  May have to look into that a little more.  Of course, it could also mean that they have "closed" me and I'm just not seeing that for some reason.  So, the love life is going very slow.  This process is quite humbling!  Wow!

Thought for the day:  The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.  --Proust

Cheers folks!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Single Awareness Day!

Well, it's that day that all single women love...Valentine's Day, or as I refer to it...Single Awareness Day!  Yep, nothing like seeing all the flowers delivered at work, hearing all the stories on the radio..nothing like it to remind you that you are alone...and that's ok.  I know that I am loved!  I know that and truly believe that within myself I've found love for me and all that I am.  The right one will come along some day...and until then, more single awareness days that are spent with lean cuisine and wine.    Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

Smile:  What did I smile about today?
I received an email and text from a very dear friend.  She's been like the big sister that I never had and is so thoughtful to think of me on days that can be difficult for single people (Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, Birthday...).  I appreciate that she thinks of me and it truly makes me smile that I am loved!

Celebrate:  What did I celebrate today?
I celebrate a beautiful sunrise on the way to work, and beautiful sunset on the way home.  God is in our presence and seeing the beautiful sky makes me all the more aware of how much HE is near...when I need Him most!

Love:  What do I love?
I love love....I love seeing people in love, hearing they are in love, listening to songs about love and reading books about love.  Love love !  Can't wait to experience it for myself!

Thought for the day:  Happy Valentine's Day...this will cheer you!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I promise not to complain about 100 degree temps ever again!

Yesterday I took spent more time in an airplane than I did in an office.  I was supposed to go to Richmond VA for an overnight trip, but threatening weather in DFW caused the group I was traveling with to rebook our flights and go and come back the same day.  It was a long day but we were all happy to be on the way home and not stuck for a few days in another city. we woke up to freezing rain, snow and frigid temps!  Once again, had to spend the day working from home and while last week I didn't mind it too much, today I wasn't feeling well and just wanted to lay on the couch, but couldn't do that cause I had to deal with some work issues most of the day!  I'm ready for life to return to normal again!  I promise not to complain about the 100 degrees ever again...I promise not to complain about 100 degrees ever again...I promise not to complain about 100 degrees ever again!  Please summer come soon!

Smile:  What made me smile today?

I bought these wonderfully, cute rain boots the other day and was so thankful to have them today while sweeping my driveway in attempt to keep the snow and ice from accumulating too much.  I think they are precious and had to smile each time I put them on today!  They work much better than my slippers!

Celebrate:  What did I celebrate today?

I celebrate that I was able to get a flight out last night and be at home once again so I didn't have to get out in this awful weather and horrible driving conditions!  I love my house and am happy to be in it.

Love:  What do I love?

Well, have moved to "open communication" with one guy (Bryan) on e-harmony.  He seems like a fun guy and so we'll see what it happens.  I always think I'm better in person cause I can talk to anyone about pretty much anything, so I hope we will make it to at least the coffee or dinner stage. It's a really slow process and a very humbling one.  You think "oh, this guy seems like a good match, let me send him some questions"...then,  he NEVER responds!  You think, "is it me that he doesn't like or is he just not as anxious to connect as I am?"  I have to admit the voice inside my head tends to go crazy, but I'm determined to have a positive outlook on this and not let this define me or what I think of myself.  Those guys not responding are really missing out!  BIG TIME! That's all I'm going to say about that.

So what do I really love..I love that tonight Bon Jovi is going to stream the first 30 mins of their concert to kick off their 2011 tour.  That will warm my heart and make my sore throat feel better.

Thought for the day:  If you believe the best days are behind you, they are.  If you believe the best days are ahead of you, they are--Jon Gordon

Here's hoping you have wonderful days ahead!

Stay warm and safe out there!

Monday, February 7, 2011

We're all thawed out!

We FINALLY got out of the freezing temperatures, and I finally got out of the house after 4 days!  The warm up began and you'd never know within about 5 hours after we got above 32 degrees that we had so much ice and snow.  I'm so glad that we finally thawed out and were able to show the visitors that trudged here for the super bowl what Texas is all about!  It was a beautiful weekend and I think everyone's moods are much better with a little sun and a lot less ice!

Super Bowl 45 was played here in Big D this weekend and the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburg Steelers 31 - 25.  It was a great game and I enjoyed the event with some good friends at a local sports club.  Ate lots of bad food but had great company and enjoyed some good times. Didn't hurt that the team I was rooting for won!  Great fun!

Smile:  What have I smiled about?

  • Snow melting
  • Getting out of the house (even though Target was busier than Black Friday!)
  • Seeing some friends haven't seen in a while
  • Doing a little scrapbooking

Mom, Sister and I in San Francisco July 2010

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate?
    •  Snow melting
    •  Having a wonderful, understanding Mom!
    •  A good hair day!
Love: What do I love?
    • Going back to an office where I can see people and not the same 4 walls
    • My sister for her courage
    • Coming home to a nice clean house--I love housekeepers

Some thoughts for the day:
"Listen with your heart."
"Do something spontaneous."
"Go where your heart takes you."
"Hold hands firmly, hearts gently."
"Exercise your heart today."
"Make someone melt today."
"Believe in those you love."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Here comes the sun, but not the heat!

sun after snow

About 2:30 today, the sun finally peaked through the clouds and shortly after, there were blue skies, which was a welcome site after 4 days of dreary and cold days.  Last night we were only supposed to receive 1", however we got 4-5" and once again the roads were doubly bad because the inch of ice that came on Tuesday hasn't melted.  I haven't been out of the house since Monday and the farthest I've ventured is to my mailbox, and we all know how that went in my slippers!

Smile:  What did I smile about today?
The sun of course.  I really needed some vitamin D and
seeing that great ball peak through the clouds was exactly what I needed to feel like there was hope that this winter weather would be heading out soon!

Celebrate:  What did I celebrate today?
  I celebrate that the temperatures are on the rise and am hopeful that this ice and snow will go away soon!  This certainly solidifies my belief that I don't want to live in a cold weather climate, although living in one means they know how to handle this, where we in TX, not so much!
I also celebrate that someone exhibited courage to confront a difficult situation and while I'm sure was difficult, was necessary to move forward.

Love:  What do I love?
I love my wireless connection that hung in there this week and allowed me to work at home without feeling guilty for not being in the office!  So grateful to have been prepared for this mess and so happy that this week is over!

Thought for the day:   Just when you think all hope is gone a little red bird appears and lets you know that it's all going to be alright!

May you all see some redbirds soon to bring you hope and peace. Thanks Bon for sharing...much needed today!

Keep warm and safe out there!

Added bonus to warm you up--I know it does me!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

He didn't see his shadow!

Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day"
Happy Groundhog Day! 
 Punxsuatawney Phil didn't see his shadow, so we HOPEFULLY will have an early spring!  All this weather is sure putting a damper on my travel plans these days, not to mention I've got cabin fever really bad!  If you ever saw the movie "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray you know that it's about a man that has to keep reliving the same day over and over again for a long time.  If you could relive one day, what would that be?  I'm sure one that brought you many smiles, lots to celebrate and one that you shared with someone you love.  I don't know that I have an answer, but something certainly to consider....

Smile:  What made me smile?
We had rolling blackouts in all of TX and I had to smile that while my power went out three times today, it only lasted for 15 mins at a time and didn't put too much of a stress on my day.  Once again, thanking my lucky stars that I wasn't like several in the city that didn't have it for several hours!  Oh boy, that wouldn't have been fun at all!

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate?
I celebrate that I've been able to get so much done working from home.  I'm making some headway on some projects and am so happy that I have a little time to get my thoughts together, etc.  I'm taking advantage of this time and thrilled about it!  I also celebrate seeing a little bit of sun and seeing a little bit of ice melting.  Finally celebrate that I didn't break my neck (although I did twist my ankle a little) getting my mail today, while I decided to venture out in my slippers.  Not the best foot ware choice- (Wow-i need to have a reason to get dressed up soon!  This staying home stuff is making me quite lazy!)

Love:  What do I love?
Well, I don't love that eharmony project is not going as planned.  STILL have several "waiting for responses" from people.  A little disappointed but still trying to have a good attitude.  Just don't go through all these phases and then frustrating!  Guess they finally saw something they didn't care for in me.  Oh well.  Try, try again!

But, that's not what this blog is about, it's about looking at the positive, so what did I love today? I love Pandora radio!  I've just discovered this wonderful site and so happy that I can listen to some great music for free!  Today, I chose the Singers and Songwriters station and got to hear James Taylor, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young, Rolling Stones...lots of great songs that put a smile on my face.

Thought for the day:  Five simple rules to be happy:

  1. Free your heart from hatred
  2. Free your mind from worries
  3. Live Simply
  4. Give More
  5. Expect Less
Stay warm everyone!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby it's cold outside (and inside as well!)

Street in Plano courtesy of
After several days of predicting, the weather forecasters got it right.  We got rain, sleet and snow today and caused havoc across the metroplex!  While we try to be prepared for such events, we just don't have the tools to completely tackle these things and the city just completely was crippled today!
Cowboys Stadium gets some special attention
Courtesy of
Some places showed about three inches of ice and snow!  I think my street in front of my house is a literal skating rink!  Yikes!

Of course, the football teams were able to attend media day.  I joked with co-workers that if you were trying to get to the stadium, you wouldn't have any problem because the route from the players' hotels to the stadium were sanded, scraped and ice free!  We still have bad weather for the remainder of the week.  Wow!  Mr. Groundhog, please no more winter!!

Smile:  What did I smile about today?
I am fortunate that I have a job that allows me to work from home, so about 10 AM, I noticed that it wasn't very warm in my house.  I started investigating a little more closely and realized that my heat was out in my downstairs unit!  I was so happy that I had purchased the service maintenance plan and was able to get serviced today.  So, what did I smile about?  Seeing
Anthony at my front door this afternoon coming to fix my heater!  I was able to spend the day upstairs and was quite cozy, so I didn't freeze to death.  I have a nice life and it's days like this that I'm thankful that I do have this nice life.  There are so many people out there tonight that can't call someone to fix their heat because they don't have a house, or they don't have money to pay bills.  I'm very blessed and very thankful. So much so, I donated to the Salvation Army  to hopefully provide a little warmth to someone that needs it much more than I tonight!

Celebrate:  What did I celebrate today?
I celebrate that after Anthony left, the pilot light blew out again and I used my resources to get it started again!  I called Anthony and he walked me through the steps and I got my heat back on again!  Yep, I'm an independent woman...gotta celebrate that I can, when I want to, take care of myself (with limitations--still won't mow yard and would prefer not to have to take out the trash!)

Love: What do I love?
I love that I'm not important enough in my job to be in a position to HAVE to be at work, no matter what the weather is like!  Our office was open and I'm so very, very thankful that I didn't have to risk my life to be there!  Yep, being in a support role does have it's advantages.  May not make all the money, but hey, I get to stay in the comfort of my home on treacherous days like this! And..I'm planning on doing the same tomorrow too!

Thought for the day:  Don’t seek happiness.  Decide to live with passion and purpose and happiness will find you.

Keep warm my friends! Be careful out there!