Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy! Happy! Happy!

It's been a while since posting so I thought I'd catch up on what I've missed for the last couple of months.  So...

  • Happy Valentine's Day (or what I like to call Single Awareness Day)
  • Happy President's Day
  • Happy Birthday Bon- My BFF
  • Happy 50th Birthday Jon Bon Jovi
  • Happy Birthday Mom
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day
  • Happy April Fools Day
Ok, I think that about covers it all!  

Happy happy happy--that's what I am these days!  The word of the year was "FRESH".  I thought that it was going to come alive after taking the new job in January, however after a month on the job, I realized that it wasn't exactly what I thought it would be and after being presented with some job openings, I was led to a new adventure.  I prayed a lot about it and turned over the control to God and as a result, doors opened and a new opportunity came my way.  All in the course of one month, I interviewed, got the job offer turned in my notice and ended a 5 1/2 year employment with my employer.  March was quite a month and if it wasn't for the pure sense of peace that I have with this new start, I think I'd be a bit overwhelmed.  I'm nothing but excited and sure that this is the place I'm supposed to be.  God is good and He's blessed me abundantly!  I'm excited about this new chapter and can't wait to see what I learn, who I meet, what I get to do, and what differences I can make there!  Yes, tomorrow, I'll start in a new direction...with God guiding every step of the way!

I'm excited about this new company and wanted to show a quick video that demonstrates a little of the culture of the place that I'm going to be working.  It matches my values completely and I think I'll really enjoy working there!  The best is yet to come!


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