Monday, November 7, 2011

Work...that four letter word that we can't avoid

Work. A four letter word that can bring about happiness and stress all at once.  I find much satisfaction in my job, and am looking forward to the possibility of new beginnings.  I'm truly hoping that I can find greater fulfillment in a new position soon.  Fingers are crossed that this all will work out so I can love what I do and not settle for anything less than that!

Smile:  What did I smile about?
I have friends who take care of me and that makes me smile from ear to ear!  After having a dinner party the other night, I mentioned a story in which I was convinced someone had come into my home and left random bubble wrap in my bathroom sink.  Not remembering that I had previewed some training DVDs that morning that had bubble wrap around them, I was absolutely convinced that someone had been in my house...and perhaps was still in my house.  I told my friends this embarrassing story and so my lovely friends took pity on my and two of them bought me things that will allow me to have some type of light on when coming home to a dark house.  I appreciate that they are taking care of me!  Glad to know that I have good friends who care so much!

Celebrate:  What have I celebrated lately?
It's coming up on year end appraisals and as I consider all that me and my team have accomplished this year, I celebrate the successes we've had.  May not have gotten lots of kudos or extra attention, but I know that I've done small things with great work.  I'm proud of what we've done and while may not have a lot of appreciation, I know that I've made a difference in my area.

Love:  What do I love?
I love that the weather is getting crisper and we can wear sweaters and fun coats.  I like this type of cool, and am dreading the freezing temps that we will get in February.  I'll worry about that another time, but for now will enjoy the nice breeze, the nice cool mornings and wearing light jackets over cute sweaters!  Yea Fall!
Not so happy about the darkness that comes so early these days (we just had the end of daylight savings), but love the nice weather and changing leaves.

Thought for the day:  Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." —Mahatma Gandhi

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