Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's my {Bon Jovi} Life...

And I love Bon Jovi!!!

Lots to smile, celebrate and love from my trip to our nation's capitol to see my favorite band!  Got into Baltimore early and enjoyed a lovely afternoon walking around Bethesda exploring several shops that I don't get to visit when I travel during the week.  Enjoyed a cupcake..even waited in line for it, which was a bit crazy but since I was wasting time until I could check into my hotel, it seemed like an ok thing to do.  I love Georgetown Cupcakes, so it was worth the wait!  I also got a manicure and put some "blood red nails on my fingertips" so I'd be sure to be ready to "Give Love a Bad Name!"

Checked into hotel and spent some time getting ready for the big night.  My friend Karen met me at the hotel along with some of her friends and we all made our way to the Verizon Center, after we spent several moments on Dupont Circle (see reference to "American President" for the meaning of getting stuck on Dupont Circle!)

Waiting for the concert to begin at the Verizon Center
Making friends with other fans around us
Front Row seats in Section 112!

Opening Scene--Excitement spreads throughout the whole place!

Finally the show began and it was all singing and dancing from this moment when the lights went out and the music started!  I sang every word to every song and danced my heart out!  Was a great spite of the drunk guy that fell over the chair behind us and caused the ladies to get in a fight with other members of his party when they "ratted" on him to security...other than that drama, no problem...oh, except that my camera had a mishap, so I was glad that Karen had hers to take some of the wonderful pics!  Enjoy!

 We had REALLY great seats!  While we were on the side, I could practically reach out and touch people on the floor.   We were so close that I didn't have to rely on the monitor to watch him and he didn't seem to only be 2 inches tall, like how he was when I saw him in Dallas.  These good seats and the up close place we got at Gulf Shores has spoiled me!

I think he looked right at me at this moment!  Pretty sure that he saw me in the midst of the other 50,000 people there standing, singing and cheering while he sang "Want to make a memory"...yea, I'm pretty sure I was singled out in the whole crowd! 

Nice to see that two people can still be humbled by the crowd and the enthusiasm that is demonstrated towards the end of the concert.  For 2 1/2 hours, all the worries, pain and struggles disappear from all the people in the stadium and happiness, singing songs of hope and optimism and shear enjoyment are able to fill people.  That my friends is the epitome of smiling, celebrating and loving the moment you are in!  

"...And that my critics is how you still do it after all these years!!"
Cheers!--14 more days until I get to do it all again!  Can't wait for San Antonio!  Perhaps by then, I'll have my voice back!

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