Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Adventure in the {scrap} books...

I can't tell you how many times I saw this sign welcoming me "home"
when I lived in was nice to see as a VISITOR and not Resident!

After a nail biting wait in the airport we heard our names called letting us know that our adventure to Arizona was definitely on for that evening!  We made it hassle free to the hotel (well sorta hassle free...once I moved from AZ, I totally forgot all directions to anything!) It was a lovely resort and we were so thrilled to finally be away for some wonderful R & R.

North Scottsdale, AZ
Great buy for the weekend!
If you ever get a chance to go to this wonderful resort and it!  It was heavenly--and I can definitely say that after all the hotels I've had a chance to stay in during all my travels!  We got a great deal and the $150 hotel credit made it even more worth the trip.  After a great sleep...and I mean GREAT sleep, we got up went to breakfast, then drove to find my old house...
a VERY expensive mistake

Yes..folks...this small Patio Home costs more than you can of the biggest mistakes I've made thus far in life...great learning experience, but a costly one at that!  After a visit to Trader Joe's Grocery, we finally settled in back at the hotel for an afternoon of floating on the river and just total relaxation.  This was my view from my chair:
My view from my chair...I do miss this sight...
Beautiful Arizona!
Me and My BIG hat!  Great find to keep the sun away
Resort decorations
I spent the day reading a book and enjoying the shade...
It was actually fairly decent in spite of the temperature
view of the lazy relaxing...when the kids weren't around!

The lazy river was lovely, in spite of all the families there and just what we both needed..a great chance for us to catch up with each other, solve each other's problems, coach each other on work issues and just be ok with not talking at all so we could be alone with our thoughts.  It was a great afternoon!
Pretty resort!

Bonnie and the pretty trees

Palm Trees at pretty--so peaceful!
After getting cleaned up, we ventured out to dinner...note to self, don't eat Mexican Food outside of Texas...just not the same regardless of the menu!  We got another great night's sleep then hit the lazy river again until the pool got way too crowded and it just got too hot to be outside.  We cleaned up and went to a movie (not sure that I'd recommend "Cowboy's and Aliens" but was a good way to spend the afternoon).  After that, we hit the lazy river for one last time before we called it a night.  Had another anxious wait at the airport, but we made it home safe and sound...another adventure in the record/scrap books!  Once again...thank you SWA for a great trip!  So needed and so lovely!  Go buy a Southwest Airlines Ticket today...they are a GREAT airline!

Smile:  What have I smiled about?
I read..cover to cover the Wall Street Journal both days on vacation!  It was so wonderful and I found myself quoting several facts throughout the day.  While I would love to think that I could find this much joy every day it's just not something that I can do regardless of how much it made me smile!  Did you know that mortgage rates are at an all time low?  Did you know that we are afraid of boredom? Did you know that Mellon is charging some of it's top investors a fee due to banking regulations?  Well...those were all the things that I discovered/learned in the WSJ!

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate?
I celebrate that I've been in quite the learning mode lately.  I love reading some new articles from blogs that I follow on Twitter that help me grow in my knowledge of leadership styles and management challenges and training updates.  It's been great to be in a state of learning mode and I feel like I'm growing more and more each day!  I love to learn and gain knowledge!  

Love:  What do I love?
So...I think this about sums up where I'm at with my love life and Mr. Nice Guy:
Note: I'm not giving up on all Mr. Nice Guys...
Just the one that I've been blogging about lately!

Today I got a text saying: " I would like to talk to you about our "friendship."  I have prayed and soul searched.  I want to be honest with you.  I respect you too much to waste your time.  Can we talk tonight?"  So....that's never good!

While on vacation, I had some time to really weigh the pros and cons about this myself and although I was excited to see him this week, I was also wanting to spend some time asking questions and trying to determine if this is something that I want to pursue or not.  I'm glad that he brought it up first because I think I would have come to this same conclusion.  I will admit that I'm a little confused at his sudden change of heart.  Based upon text messages from the previous week, this was a bit out of the blue...not something that I, myself, wasn't thinking, but a bit out of the blue from where I thought he was with me.

Bottom line to this whole thing, we don't live in the same location and I think he's wanting to have someone that he can be around continuously and given my locale, that's not possible to do at this point--or ever.  So, I'm not sure if he's jumped to another person or what, but something changed in the course of a week. Maybe I've got myself together too much and he wants to be the rescuer ...I don't need someone to rescue me.  Maybe I'm too career oriented and he doesn't want someone to care about their job or what that brings to them..I love what I do and find much joy in it.  Maybe he's looking to fix someone...I'm pretty solid and don't need much fixing.  I don't really know what changed his mind, but  what I do know is that God has answered prayers...the right thing worked out in this situation and that's comforting to know...God did answer both of our prayers and I've got peace that the right thing for both of us occurred.  I wish him well.  He's a great guy and he deserves much happiness --I hope he finds what he's looking for...and I hope I do too.

My Mr. Nice Guy is out there...I know he is.  I've "dated" some great guys and if they were the ones that didn't work out, then I KNOW that there is one that is fantastic out there just waiting for me to cross his path.  It will happen, I believe it will and trust that God will provide at the right time, right place, right moment.  Somewhere out there, he exists...

So for now...the thought for the day is:

I'm willing to keep waiting on the RIGHT one...not the one that's there right now.  I'm willing to keep strengthening myself and building upon my relationship with God.  I'm willing to continue loving who I am, where I am, totally and completely.  Being single has some perks and I have come to love this place I'm at in life....all isn't lost, in fact, I think it's moments like these that make me find myself even more!


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