Wednesday, February 2, 2011

He didn't see his shadow!

Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day"
Happy Groundhog Day! 
 Punxsuatawney Phil didn't see his shadow, so we HOPEFULLY will have an early spring!  All this weather is sure putting a damper on my travel plans these days, not to mention I've got cabin fever really bad!  If you ever saw the movie "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray you know that it's about a man that has to keep reliving the same day over and over again for a long time.  If you could relive one day, what would that be?  I'm sure one that brought you many smiles, lots to celebrate and one that you shared with someone you love.  I don't know that I have an answer, but something certainly to consider....

Smile:  What made me smile?
We had rolling blackouts in all of TX and I had to smile that while my power went out three times today, it only lasted for 15 mins at a time and didn't put too much of a stress on my day.  Once again, thanking my lucky stars that I wasn't like several in the city that didn't have it for several hours!  Oh boy, that wouldn't have been fun at all!

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate?
I celebrate that I've been able to get so much done working from home.  I'm making some headway on some projects and am so happy that I have a little time to get my thoughts together, etc.  I'm taking advantage of this time and thrilled about it!  I also celebrate seeing a little bit of sun and seeing a little bit of ice melting.  Finally celebrate that I didn't break my neck (although I did twist my ankle a little) getting my mail today, while I decided to venture out in my slippers.  Not the best foot ware choice- (Wow-i need to have a reason to get dressed up soon!  This staying home stuff is making me quite lazy!)

Love:  What do I love?
Well, I don't love that eharmony project is not going as planned.  STILL have several "waiting for responses" from people.  A little disappointed but still trying to have a good attitude.  Just don't go through all these phases and then frustrating!  Guess they finally saw something they didn't care for in me.  Oh well.  Try, try again!

But, that's not what this blog is about, it's about looking at the positive, so what did I love today? I love Pandora radio!  I've just discovered this wonderful site and so happy that I can listen to some great music for free!  Today, I chose the Singers and Songwriters station and got to hear James Taylor, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young, Rolling Stones...lots of great songs that put a smile on my face.

Thought for the day:  Five simple rules to be happy:

  1. Free your heart from hatred
  2. Free your mind from worries
  3. Live Simply
  4. Give More
  5. Expect Less
Stay warm everyone!

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