Monday, February 7, 2011

We're all thawed out!

We FINALLY got out of the freezing temperatures, and I finally got out of the house after 4 days!  The warm up began and you'd never know within about 5 hours after we got above 32 degrees that we had so much ice and snow.  I'm so glad that we finally thawed out and were able to show the visitors that trudged here for the super bowl what Texas is all about!  It was a beautiful weekend and I think everyone's moods are much better with a little sun and a lot less ice!

Super Bowl 45 was played here in Big D this weekend and the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburg Steelers 31 - 25.  It was a great game and I enjoyed the event with some good friends at a local sports club.  Ate lots of bad food but had great company and enjoyed some good times. Didn't hurt that the team I was rooting for won!  Great fun!

Smile:  What have I smiled about?

  • Snow melting
  • Getting out of the house (even though Target was busier than Black Friday!)
  • Seeing some friends haven't seen in a while
  • Doing a little scrapbooking

Mom, Sister and I in San Francisco July 2010

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate?
    •  Snow melting
    •  Having a wonderful, understanding Mom!
    •  A good hair day!
Love: What do I love?
    • Going back to an office where I can see people and not the same 4 walls
    • My sister for her courage
    • Coming home to a nice clean house--I love housekeepers

Some thoughts for the day:
"Listen with your heart."
"Do something spontaneous."
"Go where your heart takes you."
"Hold hands firmly, hearts gently."
"Exercise your heart today."
"Make someone melt today."
"Believe in those you love."

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