Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm in need of some chicken soup

Yes, it's good for the soul, but it also will hopefully fend off some bug that I think I've caught and have been trying to tell myself that I don't have.  First realized the other morning, while trying to sing along to some Bon Jovi videos from a recent concert, that my voice was not quite cooperating. If I was putting on a concert, I'd have to cancel due to not being able to hit the high notes!  Luckily, I don't have any concerts this week!  As this week has progressed, I've felt worse, with today making me go make an appointment at our work clinic to see what is the deal. I couldn't get in to the doctor today, so won't know what's going on until tomorrow.  When speaking with the nurse, she thought I could have strep...I'm hoping that's not it!  Several people in my office have the flu and I'm really hoping that it's not that!   I can't be out of the office any more!  I guess I'll find out tomorrow what's going on.  I sound like a frog, so have to say, as a result, I've been a little quieter today than most days!  I'm sure my co-workers don't mind that!

Smile:  What makes me smile?
In one month, my mom, sister and I will be in New York City...the Big Apple...the city so nice they named it twice...the city where if i can make it there I can make it get the picture. I have wanted to take this trip with my family for so long and after flying many miles to rack up enough to treat everyone, we are going.  My sister needs a much needed vacation and my mom needs to spend time with her girls, so it's going to be a great time!  We are hoping to get some tickets to see the taping of some shows (Jimmy Fallon or David Letterman) and hope to see some Broadway shows too.  I hope the weather is nice so we can enjoy all that the city has to offer (i.e. Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Statue of Liberty).  I can't wait to go!  It's going to be a blast!  I'm so fortunate that I have the means to treat them to the airfare and that we can take off and enjoy this adventure!  Should be quite fun!

Celebrate:  What have I celebrated lately?
After working very hard last year, I got the rating that I was hoping for!  A "Very Strong" in my world is like the highest rating in most companies.  For me to get higher, I'd have to either walk on water more than one time and be observed by a large population of executives or be up for promotion.  While I think I walked on water one time, it wasn't observed by too many people and I'm not up for promotion, so my rating was in line with what my expectations were. Along with the very kind words my manager gave me about my performance, I also received a nice bonus.  So, I celebrate working really hard and getting the results that were so well deserved.  I'm not one to typically brag, but last year was a tough, good year and I felt like I deserved the performance rating I received.  Glad others thought so too!

Love:  what do I love?
I haven't given an update on the online dating lately....I'm in discussion with one gentleman.  He seems pretty funny and smitten with me.  Hopefully we'll take the plunge to meet face to face some time.  It's still an interesting process.  I'm convinced that some of my communications that I've sent have gotten lost.  I don't know for sure, but sure seems like I've sent more out than is showing.  May have to look into that a little more.  Of course, it could also mean that they have "closed" me and I'm just not seeing that for some reason.  So, the love life is going very slow.  This process is quite humbling!  Wow!

Thought for the day:  The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.  --Proust

Cheers folks!

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