Sunday, April 17, 2011

In the midst of progress...


I've been living in a bit of clutter for the last few days as the demo has begun on my bath and kitchen!  Fortunately I have two other bathrooms to shower in but now, I have no kitchen and no sink to wash anything in (not to mention, no faucet!).  I'm hoping that all this will be done in a few days and am anxious to get this done!  I'm hoping that everything I pick out will all go together!  I'm really worried about that...I guess I'll know more on Tuesday!  *Fingers Crossed*

Smile:  What have I smiled about lately?

My sweet sister came to visit us this weekend and it was good to see her smile and spend some time with she and my brother and his family.  We had lots of laughs and many good moments with each other.  I love spending time with my siblings and had a great weekend with them sharing stories and fellowshipping with one another.  We are very blessed that we have each other through the good and bad times--I'm a very lucky girl!

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate?
I signed up again for my favorite work out class at the gym--Team Weight Loss!  I found out my favorite trainer that I got the most results from is now teaching at my gym and once I heard that I decided to sign up again for the class.  I hope that it will kick me into gear and help me see results that I haven't really seen over the last few weeks!  The class takes place on the treadmill and is mostly interval training and heart rate training.  It's a great way to burn lots of calories and really changed my way of working out. I'm excited to begin this class and am happy to be in the gym three times (at least) a week! 

Love:  What do I love?
Other than my family...I love that I bit the bullet and bought an ipad.  I was feeling a little left out on my business trips since everyone else on the plane seemed to be enjoying watching movies via their ipad or reading books and I didn't have one...Tracy was selling hers, and made me a good deal.  I can't wait to travel again!  --well, that may be taking it too far..I'll enjoy my next business trip more --that's more like it!  

Thought for the day:  I believe in miracles. I look for miracles. And so I see and experience them often.

Have a good week!

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