Monday, May 16, 2011

"I'm feeling like a Monday, but Someday I'll be Saturday night"--JBJ

This weekend, I pretty much did as Jane Austen suggests...stay home for real comfort.  It's been a crazy several weeks and have even crazier ones ahead, so I was in need of some couch time and time to update my scrapbook.  Still trying to finish 2010!  All in all was a good weekend, just not long enough to really fully relax like I need to.  I'm planning a vacation sometime soon...I need some get away time!

Smile:  What did I smile about?
At church yesterday, we honored the Seniors.  They actually lead all the singing and video production.  It was so wonderful to see how christ-like they were.  They seemed all so innocent, full of life and hope and so joyful to share their faith.  They were singing like angels and really, truly praising God for what he's done in their lives.  It was so inspiring to see young people (I can't believe I'm actually using that phrase...but that's what they are!) be so open about their Christianity.  Was very inspirational!  I need to take a few lessons from them!

Celebrate:  What did I celebrate?
I went to the doctor today and found out my cholesterol is very good.  He was quite amazed at how great my levels were and told me to keep doing what ever I'm doing to keep them in check.  Given that my family has a history of high cholesterol, I'm very happy with that news!  Now, for all other examination results to go just as well!

Love:  What do I love?
I love sleep...something that I've been having difficulty doing lately and wish I could get more of.  I think that would help me maintain my diet a little more, make me feel a little better in the morning and allow me to think a little clearer at work.  Yes, sleep, it's a good thing.  And with that...I'm turning in for the night...good evening my friends!

Thought for the day:  Keep looking forward, that's why the windshield is so big and the rearview mirror is so small!


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