Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's the end of my tour as I know...and I feel fine...

Just so happened that the picture above was on my page a day calendar on Friday and have to say, was a great way to begin the weekend.  As you know, I'm obsessed with Bon Jovi.  In the last 14 months, I've been to 5 shows and can't get enough.  I know this doesn't sound very practical to many of you, however they put on such a great show and for 2 1/2 hours you forget all the troubles in the world.  I love their music and find such comfort and optimism in it, so I think it's ok to be a little obsessed.  

Me and Bonnie in Houston airport waiting to hear
if our name is called for the flight!
Well, they've been touring since February 2010 and this past weekend were their last shows in America before heading over to Europe to officially end the tour in July.  I had gone to a show in San Antonio in March and thought that was going to be my last, but it just didn't feel right to end on that note...I had to find another (once again my obsession kicks in!).  So, I asked my trusted side kick and BFF, Bonnie if she wanted to go on another adventure with me.  She has flight benefits and so we had to choose somewhere that SWA flies, so Milwaukee seemed to work best with our schedules and flights.  I bought the tickets, she got a hotel and off we were to the nice state of Wisconsin!  Never been there before...I like cheese and enjoy a good beer every once and awhile, so seems like a good place to visit!

As it got closer it seemed that flying directly into WI wasn't such a good idea so we came up with plan B..fly to Chicago and drive almost 2 hours.  We prayed that we wouldn't get stuck somewhere and would be able to complete our adventure.  As luck would have it, Dallas got bad storms on Friday so we were a little freaked out that we wouldn't make it there, but prayers were answered and we made it on flights to Chicago...didn't get in until after midnight, but hey, it was free, we got on the flight and all was well.  So lucky!  

Got into Milwaukee around 4pm, checked into our nice Hilton Garden Inn near the airport (highly recommend!) and just rested for a little while before heading out to the big show.  We had heard that the end of the world was coming at 6pm local time, as  Mr. Harold Camping has expressed, so we were ready for the big event...although were secretly hoping to see my Jonny baby one last time before meeting my God!  Luckily, Mr. Harold Camping was wrong and we all are here to share another day.  While I'm happy the world didn't end, I'm also confident to say that I'm ready to go...should that great day happen!

So happy to be there! Lovely place!
What a nice welcome note!

And one final time...I love Bon Jovi!
We got to the concert and found our seats...great seat selection!  We walked around and found an opportunity to get out picture taken with the band...who knew they'd be hanging around before the show???  You'd think they'd be warming up or something...what a moment!
Yep...this will be a Christmas Card Picture!
Enjoyed the show...sang our lungs out (yes Bonnie got video/audio of our lovely voices!--no that won't be posted anywhere publically!).  It was an awesome night!  The crowd was so into the show, didn't see anyone sitting down at all, very loud..even the boys were amazed at the noise level!  Was a great event!  Loved every minute of it and so glad that I went out with a bang!  So, my tour is over, unless I figure out a way to get to Greece or Turkey in the next few weeks...too bad SWA doesn't fly there....would be something I'd consider though, if I could swing it!

And now...the good part...the pictures...

Lost in the powerful words he was singing...
"I'll be there for you..."


Band...minus Richie (he's in rehab...miss ya Richie!)

I think he's thanking God that this tour is almost
over and he can go home and spend time with his family!

And that's it folks...till next time...hopefully
there will be a next time!  
Jon was happy about the fact that we survived the threat of the end of the world and chose to sing part of the REM song "It's the end of the world as we know it.."..enjoy:

Thought for the day:  Anything is possible if you've got the nerve--JK Rolling (Harry Potter Creator).


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