Sunday, May 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home


New Granite--I couldn't have imagined how great it looks!

New Backsplash, sink, and faucet
I love the look!  

I've finally completed the home renovation and love the new look!  I can't believe how beautifully it all came together!  I'm so proud of the work and it makes me want to have people over to see more often!  Perhaps I'll actually do one of my resolutions which is to entertain more and expand my cooking skills!  The color is absolutely perfect and matches the crazy tile even better than I could imagine!  I love it so much!  Was very worried about it and so relieved once I saw it all come together. If you need some home renovation...I know a good contractor!

Bathroom also got renovated it as well, although I need to now change out some of my decorations--more money to spend..yipee!

New floor

New marble shower and enclosure
New Granite countertops

New Kohler Sinks and faucets

I'm so happy with these changes and makes me love my home even more!  These changes makes all that hard work from last year a nice payoff!  Much more long lasting than a trip or a new outfit...this should pay off in the long run much more!  I look at these changes and truly Smile, Celebrate and Love each and every change!

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