Monday, January 17, 2011

Dream Big!

I had a long weekend this weekend and it was great!  Enjoyed time with my sister and nieces and then spent MLK day getting some much needed pampering.  It was a great weekend to smile, celebrate and love!

Smile:  What did I smile about these last few days?
So many things to smile about:

  • seeing smiles on little girls at the American Girl store who were so excited to be in the very special store with lots of really cute things!
  • laughing at my 5 year old niece who is just too cute for words.  She has so many cute looks, phrases, and zest for life.  There are too many moments to name that made me smile and laugh at her this weekend
  • getting out of chuck-e-cheese in just under 2 hours without any tears
  • seeing my friend, Penni today for a much needed facial!  Thanks Penni! My smile is a little more hydrated and a lot more exfoliated!  
Celebrate:  What did I celebrate the last few days?
This weekend we celebrated my niece's 5th birthday.  When asked how old she was going to be she said "16"...that's about right...cute kid! 

Saturday night WII "tournament"
I also celebrate that I am a really bad video game player!  We played the WII and I was really trying against the girls, and still lost.  I celebrate that I know my strengths and weaknesses and realize that video games is not something that I'm going to master.  

I celebrate that Martin Luther King stood up for his values, beliefs and cause in spite of the controversy and small minded people around him.  While we still have a long way to still go for civil rights, we are much better off and the hope is that his "dream" truly becomes a reality!  

Love:  What did I love the past few days?
I love my family!  I am so blessed to have my sister and brother in my life.  I am so blessed that no matter what any of us are going through, good or bad, we are there for each other to support, preach, lend a hand or just praise.  While we aren't without our drama, we are close and I'm very happy to be their big sister.  I am a very lucky person!  

Thought for the day:  Dream Big--while this isn't MLK's message...still a good thought to take away for this special day:


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