Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One step closer

Smile:  What made me smile today?

Listening to people laugh on the radio as I was driving to work today.  Just put me in a great mood as I was on my way to a busy day!  Love to hear people laugh!  We don't do enough each day.

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate today?

I celebrate that I am grateful for my past work experience.  Today I had an opportunity to begin a mentor relationship with someone that is starting their professional career.  As I was telling my story, I realized just how grateful I am for all those projects I did, all the people that believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and all the blood, sweat and many tears I have shed over the years.  I'm proud of my accomplishments and hope that I can help someone progress a little faster than I by learning from my many mistakes along the way.  I celebrate the past and appreciate all the learnings that I got from it.

Love:  What do I love?
So I'm one step closer to meeting my first guy on e-harmony (Bill is ahead of some of the others).  Today I had to answer three questions that he provided to me:

1. Describe an interest that you truly hope your partner will share with you?
2.  They say life is about simple pleasures.  What are your simplest pleasures and how do they make you feel?
3.  What do you think your three best traits that you can offer your partner?

At some point, I'll share my answers to these questions...but I ask, how would YOU answer them?  It took me ALL night to figure out how to be clever, myself and honest.  This is why I have such a hard time with online requires a lot of work!  I was supposed to do some business work tonight but made a choice to spend time on my personal life instead.  I'm hopeful that the decision was the best choice.  Anyway, I think that the more that I do these questions, the better I will be.  I'm really trying to have a good attitude about all this!  Really...I am!

Thought for the day:  Today you've been given a gift--the power to choose your attitude!

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