Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Full Moon Rising

Smile:  What made me smile today?
Seeing a full moon in the sky as I was driving home tonight.  While I truly believe that the moon does affect people's moods (if you don't believe me, work in a customer service call center and you'll quickly change your mind), it still is brings me peace every time I see it in the sky.  I love how it lights up the sky and love to say a prayer to that man in the moon and feel like I'm speaking directly to God.  Truly magnificent!  How Great thou Art!

Celebrate:  What do I celebrate today?
I celebrate my BFF, Bonnie getting an exceptional rating on her performance appraisal.  Much deserved!  I'm so glad she's recognized for her efforts!  Nice to know that good things REALLY do happen to good people!  Way to go my friend!  Way to go!  Congratulations!

Love:  What do I love today?
I love that hope really is something that exists and is a strategy to help pull people through some difficult times.  Love that hope is helping the right things work out!

Thought for the day:  Love is a decision--choose wisely!

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  1. You are an exceptional BFF, my friend! Love ya and love this blog you're creating!