Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There's no place like home!

I had to travel to Richmond, VA for a three-hour meeting. While that may seem like it’s a waste of money and not the best use of time, I have to beg to differ. I was meeting with people I didn’t know and rather than try to spend time in a long, boring conference call, where I would have been the only one on the phone, I chose to attend the meeting. The trip…well, was typical business travel, however the relationships I built in the three-hour meeting I hope to prove invaluable, so all in all, it was worth the hassle! There were a few adventures I encountered along the way that made me try to keep my focus on less complaining and more being thankful, although, that was challenging at 4 AM in the morning when a group of young college kids were running up and down the hotel hallway slamming doors. I had to really keep my attitude in check!

Smile: What made me smile today?

Today, I proved to myself, once again, how critical it is to smile. I had just left one meeting and had to drive to another location for another meeting. I’m wasn’t sure exactly where I was going, had a hard time finding a parking place, and was running late. I’m not very familiar with this office so it’s always a little stressful wondering if where I’m heading is where I need to be. I also had a lot on my mind as I was walking from the car carrying my heavy lap top bag, purse and trying to manage the cold day. I knew that my facial expression was less than pretty, especially when I saw someone looking at me, studying my demeanor. It took me a minute to notice her looking at me for me to catch myself and realize that I needed an attitude check. At that moment, I just put a huge smile across my face and said hello to this stranger. She smiled back and I think perhaps I may have made her day, as she helped to change my mindset and attitude. It helped set the stage for the rest of my afternoon and gave me the little umph that I needed to turn my day around!

Celebrate: What do I celebrate today?

I celebrate my wonderful, quiet home! After spending most of the night listening to kids happy to all be back together after Christmas break, celebrating someone’s 21st birthday last night, I’m happy to be home, in my clean house, with fresh sheets and a quiet evening. I’m looking for a good night’s rest and thankful that I don’t have to hear doors slam, girls yelling and lots of loud talking outside my door! What a night I had last night! So happy to be home!

Love: What do I love?

I love getting upgraded! I have had to travel a lot over the last year and have elite status with American Airlines, which from time to time allows me to get upgraded to first class. Tonight was one of those times, so I enjoyed a more comfortable seat, a half way decent meal, a glass of wine and a blanket that I could use to get some rest on the flight home. While business travel is not all that glamorous as it may seem to some people, I’m thankful for those small rewards that come with it every once and a while!

Thought for the day:

Let us be grateful for people who make us happy: They are the charming gardens who make our souls blossom. –Marcel Proust

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